• Ace Gatekeeper is useful for wired and wireless networks. A single server is enough to support your wired and wireless network
  • Easy to install and control: There is no need to run any additional software on customer’s computer
  • VIP Pin Access: Setup VIP Unlimited access accounts. Just create VIP Plan and add members to this plan.
  • Allow Access to Hotel Website without any authentication: Ace Gatekeeper can be setup in a Open Mode. There will be no authentication for customers. The customers will simply see the welcome/terms & conditions page and can click on ‘I Agree’ button to continue. Their computers MAC address will be used for reporting and analysis.
  • Ability to connect chain of Hotels: Ace Gatekeeper support chain of Hotels. Each Hotel will run one Ace Gatekeeper Server. One Server will work as a central server and authenticate all the clients in the hotels.
  • Ability to create own Download Limit
  • Reseller Sale Scheme: The packs can be sold directly or through Reseller. The Reseller management and account feature is also available.
  • Compatibility: Linux, Windows
  • Multilanguage: Ace Gatekeeper can be customized on all levels to suit any language, including right to left languages and simplified Chinese based language.
ACE Gatekeeper is a Linux based Internet billing software without the need of any client side software installation and settings.

Because of the real-time complexity in business of ISP's, Hotels and Cybercafés Ace Gatekeeper is sold as service. The service are sold on per year basis. This ensures the commitment to the customers.

Ace Gatekeeper can also be customized to suit the specific needs of customer.

Anyone who wants to bill Internet access and monitor the usage. Ace Gatekeeper can also control Bandwidth and usage on per user basis. It is designed to support the following sector: ISP's, Hotel, Inns, University, Hospitals, Ships, Railways, Airports, Cyber Cafes Etc

Ace Gatekeeper is necessary where there is no client side installation/settings allowed. Customers have to simply connect their laptop to RJ45 cable or any wifi access point. They will get the login page. The client computer can be of any type, PC/Laptop Etc. With any OS Windows, Linux, Mac etc. The cutting edge of Ace Gatekeeper is to fit in for multiple Businesses and to meet any type of complications.

Billing, Rating and Services
  • Automated Billing
  • Postpaid - Anniversary, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Billing Cycles
  • Prepaid - Hourly, Daily, Monthly prepaid Billing
  • Prepaid - Postpaid combinations
  • Detailed rating by service, Time, usage
  • Reseller Support with agent commission
Interface and Administrator
  • Web Application
  • Easy to use central management interface
  • Variable settings for user / reseller permissions and identity management
  • Event and Transaction log reporting
Customer Care and Support
  • Online billing and Invoice
  • Service Usage history Report
  • User Profile Maintenance
  • Technical Support
Other Features
  • MB Limitation based on user account or MAC address
  • Bandwidth Limitation based on user accounts or MAC address
  • Automatic Session timed out, after the prepaid account is completed
  • Balance minutes updated on real time basis
  • Centralized RADIUS Server
  • Prepaid and Postpaid Packs Creation with PIN Numbers
  • IME / Volume / Bandwidth based Rate plans
  • Unlimited Service configuration (Enable different price plans. Service bundling, In addition to discount and bonus options)
  • Reseller Account support and reports
  • Web Based Administration, Viewing Reports and User Support
  • Customer Signup Plans, Registration
  • Live Reports, Statistics and Analysis
  • Report on bandwidth, data transfer etc and export report in CSV Format
  • The software can be on public IP and the client can be behind NAT
  • In-Built DNS, DHCP server and firewall Support
  • WPA Support
  • Multi Service Support (Wired and Wireless)
  • Grouping and billing based on Wireless Access Point
Key Features
  • Enhanced Security
  • Central Command & Control
  • Roaming Support
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Cost Control
  • Multi-Tire Partnering
  • Value added service delivery
  • Independent of Equipment standards

Ace Gatekeeper is a all in one package that takes all the hassle out of setting up your business. Ace Gatekeeper software provides support for most Routers, Access Servers and Access points, in the market. Because its all-in-one, you save all the configuration time. Once Ace Gatekeeper is setup, you have billing and user self-management all in place and ready to go. Ace Gatekeeper can be setup within a few hours.