Variety of high speed digital data services for information transfer and Internet access; high quality network connections for businesses seeking secure and reliable Internet access. These services allow our subscribers to transfer information from one point to the other at different speeds ranging from 64 kbps to 155 Mbps locally, nationally or internationally. Different solutions are designed to support data applications, such as Internet, e-mail, and web based applications; they are ideal for business applications and where the company wants to provide Internet access via a LAN to their employees. All types of connections are direct between Sahara Net INOC and our corporate customers.
Leased Lines
A dedicated symmetric telecommunications line connecting two locations. It may also carry Internet traffic. A leased line provides high speed circuit (up to 8Mbps) connectivity. It is sometimes known as a 'Private Circuit' or 'Data Line'.

Leased line requires a special digital modem CSU/DSU to modulate the signales over the provided circuit.

Who needs a leased line?
Generaly, leased lines are used for dedicated traffic requirements such as video conferencing, voice transmission, fast browsing, large files transfer, multimedia applications,.etc.
Business DSL
An affordable shared Internet access provides continuous high speed connection starting from 128Kbps up to 10Mbps. The DSL service is suitable for small business or home offices, but not reliable for medium or corporate size businesses where the connection uptime is critical for the business. It is considered as a good backup connection for the other dedicated services.
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) service offers our business customers a dedicated high speed flexible solution scalable from 2Mbps to 155Mbps.

This service suites customers with higher speeds demand for their hungry applications and large number of users.
VSAT services offer reliable networking solutions via satellite for private and public networks. The service transfers data over satellite to customers located in areas where communication networks do not reach. The service enables linking customer's services and applications to its locations Kingdom-wide in addition to the Internet access when required.
The Broadband Wireless (BBW) is provided to clients where the other dedicated services are not available and the customer's site is reachable with this technology.
Provides a high speed access to the customer's Intranet connecting between two points using a point-to-point wireless bridges.