Educational Institute Internet Solution
Educational institutes need to provide internet access to students, faculty and employees. The main challenge facing these institutes is the regulation of internet usage while maintaining a viable network.

24online helps educational institutes provide regulated access to users in classrooms, libraries and also wireless access in dorms through extensive bandwidth controls over excessive usage. This ensures a reduction in costs. Additionally, as student research is usually limited to a set of a few websites, 24online's web cache feature stores details of downloaded information and serves it up on receiving 'fresh' request. This helps prevent unnecessary traffic and ensures speed in delivery along with saving bandwidth.

24online has the inbuilt capacity to act as Access Gateway to manage and control internet access. Its' inbuilt RADIUS server and NAS (Network Access Server) ensure AAA prevent unauthorized access to internet facilities. The management can also control usage by implementing different bandwidth policies for staff and students. Further, Cyberoam, our content filtering product also restricts sites, as specified by the institute. These features help educational institutes reduce costs and improve services.

24online allows educational institutes to charge users for internet usage through pre-paid packages. The institutes can use this facility to provide access to non-institutional users, creating a new source of revenue.

The extensive reports provided by 24online guide the management in creating internet policies on bandwidth and data transfer.

Thus, 24online is an ideal billing solution for educational institutes. It provides institutes with tools for control and regulation of internet traffic, scalability, an inbuilt firewall for providing data security and an option of creating pre-paid accounts while ensuring Quality of Service (QoS).
Billing :
24online offers flat, flexible billing plans with peak and off-peak billing supported by pulse-based rating. Universities can offer promotions and discounts as well as launch date; time and usage based pre-paid and post-paid packages. It creates invoices facilitating the announcement of new promotional and discount offers in addition to carrying third party advertisements.
Bandwidth and QoS Management :
Universities and Institutes can implement bandwidth restriction based on subscribers and data usage in addition to quotas on individual or shared basis. 24online supports variable bandwidth allocation based on hours/days and data usage for customized services.
Authentication, Authorization & Accounting (AAA) :
24online supports PPPoE, RADIUS, SOAP protocols and is available with an inbuilt RADIUS server. It offers web-based authentication through client software and login via username and password. It provides authorization based on IP and MAC addresses and comprehensive accounting based on point of time, duration, and data usage. 24online redirects unauthorized users to a web-based authentication page, delivering higher ease of use.
Zero configuration Networking :
24online allows even the novice users/students to connect their laptop/computer and access internet automatically. 24online creates a usable IP network for user without configuration or special server. It facilitates ease of use anywhere anytime.
Reporting :
24online provides exhaustive reports in graphical and tabular format for bandwidth consumption, data transfer and for vouchers generated, consumed and balance as well. It also generates audit reports* of activity performed by the administrator.
Firewall :
24online's inbuilt firewall prevents DoS attacks and offers walled garden with a basic firewall.
Franchisee/Zone Management* :
24online ensures smooth creation and management of multiple franchisees based on zones. It enables them to create an administrator or manager per zone, allowing franchisees to manage their zone-specific users/students. MIS reports based on franchisees' business processes offer high levels of transparency in operations and as a business-tracking tool.
Walk-in User module* :
24online enables universities to provide direct internet access to users using Walk-in PINs & passwords. This module eliminates the requirement of creating/registering customers account before accessing internet and the billing starts with the first login session time. Walk-in PINs can be generated for the selected packages. These walk-in pins and passwords can be printed as prepaid cards and sold over the counter.
Voucher Management* :
24online PIN Management facilitates multiple voucher generation, which can be restricted by package or franchisee. The prepaid vouchers enable instant web-based registration and renewal for regular and walk-in customers. 24online enables online payment gateway* integration. It maintains multiple templates for customization by the institutes with branded voucher and coupon printing. Transactions can be searched by PIN prefix, status, package, zone, processing status, enabling rapid problem resolution.
Access Gateway :
24online offers routing and static NAT* (Network Address Translation) module that maps dynamic IP addresses to static public IP. It prevents any external threats to user's computer, as there are direct incoming connections from the Internet are prohibited.
Multiple Gateway Load Balancing & Gateway Fail over* :
24online supports multiple ISP links and offers weight based round robin traffic balancing over them. This ensures high-speed connectivity even during peak hours delivering higher service levels to premium users by diverting them over high speed Internet links. 24online checks gateway status continuously, ensuring immediate failure detection and traffic redirection to working gateways automatically and intelligently.
Students'/user's own Portal :
24online's web self-care facilitates password change, online registration and renewal through PINs, view of bandwidth usage graphs, usage log based on time and data transfer, renewal history and more.
Extra Revenue Generation by Advertising & Branding Opportunity :
24online allows for the initial flash page to brand the establishment. The images on the splash page, as well as the walled garden links, can be updated easily and frequently, allowing universities, IT staffs to modify the user interface for new programs, conferences and events as they happen.
Add on modules *

24online solution is designed to be easy to setup even for non technical personal and students need to know very little about this protocol to get started. Universities save their valuable configuration time as 24online allows setting up and running system in very few days.

24online is truly Plug & Play solution, requires no user configuration whatsoever on the students' laptops/computers. 24online is a comprehensive solution facilitating customized pre & post paid packages, policies based on hours/days, data usage and discounts. 24online allows easy control and monitoring of various students for usage and administrative access. Stepping ahead with technology, 24online supports WiMAX and Wi-Fi technologies.

24online can be customized at all levels to suit any language and to change the user and administration interface.