Hotel Internet Solution
The increasing use of technology has made connectivity a major issue for hotels with business travelers demanding online connection as a necessity. Hotels are increasingly providing online connectivity as an add-on to capture niche segments. The dynamic nature of the hotel industry requires a scalable, integrated, easy to manage and accurate system to provide connectivity.

24online’s hotel internet and hotspot billing package, helps hotels service the connectivity demands of their guests by offering time and usage based access through cable and Wi-Fi. Hotel chains can further utilize 24online’s Database Management Service in identifying loyal customers through the consumer database, provide them roaming facility with the same userid and even reward them through discounts. This helps hotels create a loyal customer base.

24online is a scalable and reliable internet billing and bandwidth management solution for standalone hotels and hotel chains. Its’ inbuilt RADIUS server and NAS (Network Access Server) ensure AAA, and allows hotels to integrate network billing with Property Management Systems(PMS), to provide accurate and comprehensive billing.

Package and report management facilities help in identifying usage patterns through extensive reports and customizing pre-paid/postpaid plans accordingly. 24online further allows hotels to customize packages from 24-hour access right down to a 15-minute access helping them service the vast numbers of floating customers and their diverse needs through the instant creation of a variety of prepaid packages, based on data transfer and duration of use, and add value to their service offerings.

Fast and reliable connectivity reduces customer complaints. 24online helps hotels ensure customer satisfaction by providing efficient management and control of bandwidth by bandwidth allocation and provision of committed bandwidth.

24online is available in appliance form. This comprehensive package provides data security to users through its inbuilt firewall. It also offers ease of use, as it provides graphic interface and automated operations. The customer web care facility allows subscribers to easily utilize services and change password. The ease of use ensures customer satisfaction.

24online brings to you its global experience in billing and bandwidth management solutions and an expertise that has been honed over 2000+ installations that extend to 96 cities and 30+ countries across the globe. Hence, 24online is a comprehensive, cost effective, highly scalable and reliable solution that provides hotels with real-time, flexible, pre-paid and post-paid billing and policy based QoS. It offers a variety of features that provide database management, bandwidth management, extensive reporting and franchisee management.
Room to Port Mapping :
24online enables hotel admin to relate room number (user) with specific port of VLAN switch. This is one of the authentication parameter for guest and can restrict cross room access. It helps administrator to have a less flexible authentication process for guest and identification of internet usage location for guest.
Billing :
24online allows hotels to offer their guests with flat, flexible billing plans supported by pulse-based rating. Hotels can offer promotions and discounts as well as launch date; time and usage based pre-paid and post-paid packages to their guests. It also enables carrying third party advertisements on guest invoices and to configure taxes as well.
Login Once :
Guests can use internet up to the allowed duration of limit based on authentication policy enabling easier access to the resource each time without compulsion of authentication.
Zero configuration Networking :
24online allows inexpert users/guests to connect their laptop and access internet automatically. 24online creates a usable IP network for user without configuration or special server. It facilitates guests for ease of use anywhere anytime.
Authentication, Authorization & Accounting (AAA) :
24online is capable of captive portal for web-based authentication. It offers guests a web-based authentication through client software and login via username and password. It provides authorization based on IP and MAC addresses and comprehensive accounting based on time, duration, and usage. 24online redirects unauthorized users to a web-based authentication page having hotel logo & details. 24online supports PPPoE*, RADIUS, and SOAP protocols and is available with an inbuilt RADIUS server.
Bandwidth and QoS Management :
Hotels can implement bandwidth restriction based on guest requirement. 24online supports committed bandwidth allocation (CIR), offering high quality service to high-value customers. It also supports burstable bandwidth allocation (CBR), automatically allocating extra bandwidth to privileged users.
Property Management System (PMS) Integration* :
24online's integration with hotel PMS enables hotel to offer consolidated billing for Internet access and other services to guest on checkout. It supports pre and post paid packages.
Package Purchase through Registration Number :
24online adds a new enhanced feature for the convenience of hotel segment, wherein guests can directly register for package and login to use internet, just by adding registration number received from the hotel staff and system created username/password. With lesser manual intervention hotel providers can give value added services to Guest.
Voucher Management* :
24online PIN management facilitates multiple voucher generation, which can be restricted by package or hotel's various franchisees. The prepaid PINS enable instant web-based registration and renewal for regular and walk-in guests. 24online enables online payment gateway* integration. 24online maintains multiple templates for customization by hotel & franchisees with branded voucher and coupon printing.
Walk-in User module* :
24online enables hotel to provide direct internet access to customers using Walk-in PINs & passwords. This module eliminates the requirement of creating/registering guest account before accessing internet. These walk-in pins and passwords can be printed as prepaid cards and sold over the counter by the hotels.
Franchisee Management* :
24online ensures smooth creation and management of multiple chains & franchisees. It enables them to create an administrator, allowing franchisees and chains to manage their franchisee specific users. MIS reports based on franchisees' business processes offer high levels of transparency in operations and as a business-tracking tool.
Multiple Gateway Load Balancing & Gateway Fail over* :
24online supports multiple ISP links and offers weight based round robin traffic balancing over them. Ensuring high-speed connectivity even during peak hours and enabling delivery of higher service levels to hotel's premium guest by diverting them over high speed Internet links.
Access Gateway :
24online offers routing and static NAT* (Network Address Translation) module that maps dynamic IP addresses to static public IP. It prevents any external threats to user's computer, as there are direct incoming connections from the Internet are prohibited.
Dynamic Package selection :
Guest can choose package according to his / her requirement after authenticated in the system. This would avoid manual dependency of hotel admin staff to generate package based key or registering the user.
Reporting :
24online provides exhaustive reports in graphical and tabular format for bandwidth consumption, data transfer and for vouchers generated, consumed and balance as well. It also generates audit reports* of activity performed by the hotel administrator.
Firewall :
24online's inbuilt firewall prevents DoS attacks and offers walled garden with a basic firewall.
Add on modules *

24online solution is designed to be easy to setup even for non technical personal. Hotels save their valuable configuration time as 24online allows setting up and running system in very few days. Once 24online billing is set up, it has RADIUS, billing and guest management all ready to go.

24online is truly Plug & Play, requires no user configuration whatsoever on the guests' laptops. 24online is a comprehensive solution facilitating customized pre & post paid PINs and packages. It is flexible enough to easily allow framing various policies based on hours/days, data usage and discounts enhancing guests' satisfaction level.

24online permits hotels to manage and monitor various franchisees for their access and administration to reduce revenue leakages. It also enables hotels and franchisees to promote and generate extra revenue for their business by way of branding opportunities. 24online allows for the initial splash page to brand the establishment and hotel administration can modify the user interface for new conferences and events as they happen.

24online enables automatic user creation and activation. It supports auto-deactivation of account and auto-purging of deactivated temporary or walk-in users. 24online also facilitates online payments* and guest self-subscription reducing operational costs for hotels.

24online can be customized on all levels to suit any language and to change the user and administration interface. It supports using any currency, floating point values and multiple taxes.