Frontline Software Solutions International (FSSi) was formed with the coming together of top experts equipped with the technical and industry expertise to provide innovative and effective solutions - armed with the entrepreneurial acumen to propel the company to newer heights. FSSi is a fast-emerging solution company operating out of UK, having offices in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, India and UK.
We pride and drive ourselves on our values and principles. Managed by seasoned entrepreneurs and operated by Industry experts, our technical know-how is ably supported
Turnkey Solution Connectivity Security
Looking for comprehensive computer network outsourcing, expert network escalation services, remote network monitoring services, or assistance with a network project
Variety of high speed digital data services for information transfer and Internet access; high quality network connections for businesses seeking secure and reliable Internet access.
The company is working to build security solutions that combine the flexibility of the software-based solutions and the superior performance of the hardware-based solutions