Global Address List
  • Synchronize with Active Directory or Apple Open Directory
  • Add new accounts and remove deleted accounts automatically
  • View global contacts offline with Outlook, Entourage and Apple Address Book
Migration Tools
  • New Kerio IMAP Migration Tool migrates domains, accounts, folders, and emails from third-party IMAP servers to Kerio MailServer
  • Runs on Mac, Windows and Linux
Better Mac Experience
  • Microsoft Entourage - Auto-configuration tool for Microsoft Entourage 2004/2008 (available at the Integration Page in Kerio WebMail) helps users configure their user accounts with correct settings
  • CalDAV - Kerio MailServer will hide details of private events when you share your calendar with others using a CalDAV client
  • Address Book - Groups in Apple Address Book are now synchronized with Kerio WebMail where you will see them as categories
New Linux Distributions
Kerio MailServer now also installs on
  • Ubuntu Linux 8.04 LTS
  • Debian 5.0
Greater Anti-spam Performance
  • Optimized for multi-CPU server systems
  • Faster new system for parallel processing of email messages
  • New SpamAssassin updates for greater accuracy
Microsoft Active Directory 64-bit
  • Kerio Active Directory Extension now runs on a 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows Server
RoadSync 4.0 Support
  • Task synchronization
  • View HTML emails